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Gmail Inspired by Mr. N. Dynamite?

Posted by JoeyBreak

One of the latest projects at Google Labs is set to "improve" how we email (by email I mean Gmail). This development is called Gmail Motion and interesting enough, the goal is to use body motions to interface with the email composer. Take a look at the video.

Fascinating? Weird? I'm not sure there is a proper reaction to such an idea as they're marketing it, but let me just say the first thing that came to my mind: "Is this one of those Onion News Network videos?... Nope web address indicates Gmail servers."

I can't wait until the first thing every employee in corporate America does each workday morning looks a lot like a Napoleon Dynamite dance scene! Hold your applause.

If something like this makes the keyboard and mouse "outdated technologies", just call me a stick-in-the-mud because after two hours of playing flag football almost 48 hours ago, the aches in my body make me feel like a stick-in-general and there's no more effective way to send an email than to sit back and tickle the plastic letters with my fingertips. Besides, I'm quite certain there are plenty of other reasons why the keyboard is a technological giant that shouldn't be labeled "outdated" just yet...

Unless "outdated" is Napoleon-Dynamite-Google speak for, "Ow! Ow! Ow! Kill the pow... It kills! My pack! Ow! Turn it off! Turn it off, Kip! It's a piece of crap it doesn't work!"

April Fools!


Identifying Integers in MATLAB

Posted by JoeyBreak

A few weeks ago I was putting some MATLAB code together for my image processing project. While I was brainstorming its development, I thought of needing to identify integers within a matrix of values (double type). After not finding any real simple solutions that satisfied me in a brief internet search, I spent a few minutes experimenting and came up with what seems to be a pretty simple solution. I spent extra time turning it into a function getIntegers which will return two variables into the workspace: one for the values that are integers in a matrix and another as the locations or positions of the integers within the matrix.

>> A = magic(5)/3

A =

5.6667 8.0000 0.3333 2.6667 5.0000
7.6667 1.6667 2.3333 4.6667 5.3333
1.3333 2.0000 4.3333 6.6667 7.3333
3.3333 4.0000 6.3333 7.0000 1.0000
3.6667 6.0000 8.3333 0.6667 3.0000

>> [integers, locs] = getIntegers(A)

integers =

0 8 0 0 5
0 0 0 0 0
0 2 0 0 0
0 4 0 7 1
0 6 0 0 3

locs =

1 2
1 5
3 2
4 2
4 4
4 5
5 2
5 5

Looking at the integers matrix, the values that are integers are retained from matrix A and the locations of those integers in A are returned as matrix locs where the first and second columns are the row and column coordinates of each integer respectively. The locs will come in handy should you need to identify where a zero-valued integer was. The function has been tested working for version 7.8.0 (R2009a) for 1-D and 2-D matrices. I've also posted the foundation to this integer solution on a thread at MATLAB Central.

Link to m-file: getIntegers.m

In other fun news, Mark "The Hammer" Shea gives a Catholic perspective about what extra-terrestrial life would mean to Catholicism.


"We Wish Him Well"

Posted by JoeyBreak

It is with great joy that I proclaim the Artist Known as Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders is now the Artist Formerly Known as Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders!

The release of Jamarcus Russell is something we can all appreciate, even Jamarcus. This should mark the opportunity for him to become a professional quarterback: to act like one as well as look like one. Perhaps he prefers being a one-hit wonder (see Ryan Leaf).Courtesy of JeffPearlman.com Looking at a picture of him like this, it's hard to tell he was a quarterback and not the franchise tag of Big-Blinging-Check-My-20s-I'm-o-be-in-da-Club Records which pretty much sums up his performance thus far in the NFL. It was pretty merciful of the Raiders to even let him try to get better in three years to begin with, but with a proper attitude adjustment and work ethic, Russell just might be able to prove he can lead a team and a wide receiver. First though, an important thing for him to realize is that no matter where he's going, it's never going to be about him: the fans just want to watch their team win!

Who would take him now?


The Eyes are a Window to the Soul

Posted by JoeyBreak

A few days ago I had an appointment for a laser eye exam. It was one of those liability things for the school in which I have proof for the condition of my eyes before I start messing around with the lasers in the lab but I digress. During that appointment the eyes are dilated for the doctor to take a look inside while you stare at the tip of his ear. Below on the left is a picture of what my right eye looked like when it was dilated, about one hour after the appointment. Beside it is a picture of the same eye (under normal operation) a few days later:

right eye dilatedright eye normal

The day the latter picture was taken, I had just finished an experiment showing that in general, the depth of focus for a lens system increases as the effective aperture diameter decreases. This explains why I couldn't focus on the text in a book when my eyes were dilated because the pupil of our human eye is the effective aperture. It also explains why I had such a hard time getting the iris of my eye in focus for the macro setting on my camera: bigger aperture yields smaller depth of focus.

What do you see?