Have your cake?

Eat it, too.

Icing on the Cake

Posted by JoeyBreak

I rarely do well on exams that come in pairs and lately I haven't felt great after any of the tests I have taken. It is also quite rare when I'm not the last to finish or haven't used all of the sixty given minutes. Before the latest occurrence, it happened to be the anniversary of my birthday (the quarter-century mark to be exact).

If I hadn't done so poorly on the first exams in both of these two courses (Linear Algebra and Thermodynamics), I may not have put so much pressure on myself to test flawlessly or even prepare as much on the day of my birthday. You can imagine my delight when I finished both exams in under sixty minutes and wasn't the last to finish either of them. Imagine how much more delightful I felt when I walked out each of the classrooms with that heart-pumping, I-just-sniped-that-test, more commonly known as an "Ace" feeling.

I won't know how well I actually did for a few days, but just in case they turn out as well as I felt and hope, I want to make note of a few things that may have factored into such a delightful day:


  • studied at school until 1:15am
  • came home to a knee-high drift in front of the garage door, spending 15 minutes clearing a path such that I could actually get in the garage
  • alarm set for 7:45am, in bed by 2am, realized the dogs ate my earplugs
  • sleeping by 3am, tossing and turning most of night
  • gave up on sleep at 7:15am

  • fried two eggs and a slice of ham with a slice of cheese on top, served between two pieces of buttered and toasted sourdough bread
  • bowl of banana-bread flavored instant oatmeal, add cinnamon and butter to help hide the unfortunate taste
  • 12 ounces of water followed by one GNC fish oil capsule
  • approximately 6 ounces of day-old Folger's coffee warmed in microwave
I'm not a very superstitious person, but I do take comfort in knowing that moments like these can be repeated based on how I sleep and what I eat; however, just because I may not have anything better to do, doesn't mean I want to study on my birthday. That's what cake and ice cream are for.