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March Madness

Posted by JoeyBreak

For those of you who follow the NCAA college basketball tourney hoping to pick the perfect bracket, your magic number is 2^63. That's two to the sixty-third power! You'd probably be surprised to know that your magic number represents the odds of a perfect bracket.

Here's how: Two teams compete in each game. Because only one team can win that game, your odds of picking the correct team in any game is "50-50" or "1 in 2." There are 32 first round games, 16 second round, 8 third round, 4 fourth round, 2 fifth round, and 1 championship games. A little addition (32+16+8+4+2+1 = 63) yields 63 total games where two (2) teams compete and one is eliminated. 2^63 = 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. You actually have better odds winning the Powerball lottery grand prize 47,239,010,115 times.

If you're still confused, think of it this way: You'll have better luck winning the Powerball lottery 47 BILLION TIMES before you'd pick a perfect NCAA tourney bracket once! Of course we all know how easy it is to win the lottery.