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A Beautiful Calamity

Posted by JoeyBreak

The following is an interesting article written in 1997 by a man named George Sim Johnstone. He brings up some interesting points on the subject of evolution. What I contemplated was the idea that if you reject Christianity (or any part of Catholic teaching doctrine) due to Darwin's theory of evolution, your heart still longs to believe in something - whether or not it is actually true. In the case of evolution though, human life is reduced to nothing more than matter as a result of nature's random throw of dice. If this is the case, why are their hospitals? If life is worth protecting, then there must be cyclical purpose.

"A few years ago, a Catholic friend of mine visited a dying relative in the hospital. The old woman had led a good life, but could not see her way to a belief in God. She was not a militant atheist, simply an agnostic, like so many modern people. God, in her view, had not given enough "proof" that He exists. My friend gently tried to argue the point, but to no avail. Finally, she produced the trump card which so often ends these discussions: "But, Jim, evolution has been proved by science. So the Bible can't be true!..." read more about evolution...

This article reminded me of a friend a few weeks ago when she said, "You know, I believe we all evolved from monkeys..." Hmmm, well maybe if it was as convincing as gravity is on earth but I'm not buying into Darwin's mystery. My bet is on a life of essential purpose. I'm drawn more to the Truth than I am to the theory of a man.