Have your cake?

Eat it, too.

Bachelor of Science

Posted by JoeyBreak

It's a beautiful thing to be done with final exams for a semester much less college. I think I've done well enough on them to be satisfied with my final grades which, of course, only contributes to this beauty I speak about. Now had these exam grades been disappointing, I would probably be speaking the opposite.

Nonetheless, I will miss the University of North Dakota and the city of Grand Forks. The university has been a pivotal stepping stone in my education and development. Although I leave disgusted by the student newspaper, it has been a home for ten great, remarkable semesters (plus one summer term and one co-op semester.)

On applications requiring education level, I'm happy to end the misery of selecting "some college." Thank you to all of the UND faculty and staff and most especially the faculty in the School of Engineering and Mines.