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A Day in Dublin

Posted by JoeyBreak

Today was a day of firsts. I had my first Irish born Guinness beer on tap at around lunch time minus lunch. I also experienced my first Sacrament of Reconciliation outside of the USA and outside of any that I did during my deployment on military bases. I did a lot of walking but and I found a hostel right next to a cathedral. I probably put on a couple miles but took a decent amount of pictures.

I'm quite happy that I bought a new camera ($140 with 8Gb memory card) for this trip. It has this great panoramic picture function that "stitches" up to three photos together and it has already come in handy.

I spent a lot of time walking and didn't eat any traditional Irish food today but I had three pints of Guinness including one at the brewery tour and another after the Manchester United vs. Barcelona soccer match (I was at a local pub called Brannigan's to watch the last 10 minutes).

I leave for the Czech Republic in a few hours but I'll leave you with a picture of a small road that leads to the Guinness Storehouse right near the brewery in Dublin and by the way, the real Guinness is really smooth and a real treat...