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More Prague

Posted by JoeyBreak

This morning I woke up to get to the Charles Bridge as quick as possible and it was a good thing I did. At 8:30am there were only a few people walking on it, and by noon it was packed full of people walking across it.

This is a close-up of one of the statues on the Charles Bridge. I wish the backlight wasn't so strong in this case so that the details in the statue weren't in shadow.

I took pictures of all the statues that line both sides of it but some were in the areas of bridge construction and I wasn't able to get great pictures of them.

As I continued on the other side of the river today, I walked into a public garden. There was a small pond that had some fish swimming in it but much to my surprise there was this beautiful male peacock! The best part is that he was so domesticated and didn't really feel threatened that I was taking a picture of his grill about a foot away from him!

As I weaved my way around the park, there was this huge house facing this garden and the structure on the right side had grape vines growing on the side of it.

I continued to make my way closer to that building when I was suprised to see yet more peacocks. The first was a beautiful (what I supposed to be) female as it had all wedding-dress white feathers and stunning. Walking a bit further, we saw two younger male peacocks as with no beautiful tail feathers showing.