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Na Zdraví

Posted by JoeyBreak

On my flight to Prague from Dublin, I sat next to a man on his way back home. He had been working in Ireland and could speak English quite well. He was very helpful when we landed as he bought me a bus ticket that would get me to the old town square. He also showed me to a traditional Czech restaurant that was less touristy and sat down for lunch with me. This wonderful meal is served at the delightfully low price of about five dollars! Makes me feel ridiculous paying $5 for a sandwich at Subway. Anyway, I'll give $5 to the first person who can guess what it is that I ate for lunch. Leave your guesses as a comment and use the picture of my lunch as your guide:

After I parted ways with Martin, I walked around some of the city and old town square and it is absolutely gorgeous. The cathedrals and churches are...wow. The hostel I stayed in last night was a huge dorm with eight bunk beds. This sleeping arrangement is nothing unfamiliar to me after some of my experiences in the military. In now my third day in Europe, I've met a young couple from Sweden, a few people from the states, an Italian engineer who works in the oil and gas industry, and a Canadian girl a few years younger than I. I've also met two women from England yesterday, who were very pleasant to talk to. One of them was around 70 years old and the other was her niece. They said that if I ever visit England, to make sure I see the city of Durham. It was quite a blessing to chat with them because after they realized I was Catholic, we exchanged stories of how we were brought back to our faith.

Here is a picture of St. Nicholas Church in the old town square:

Here are a few photos of the Church of our Lady before the Tyn, also in the old town square. One in daylight and the other at night. Seeing the inside of this masterpiece brought a tear to my eye. For lack of a better word, it can only be described as Godly. No pictures were to be taken of the inside and I respected that rule. They did have a table full of postcards with some interior images that were available though, so I picked up a few.

"Na Zdraví" is used like we would the word "cheers" and it means to good health.

God bless!


Kyle0101 said...

I can't tell what I is right now because I am on my phone so the picture is really small, looks like testicals of some sort right now. I will get back you you on that one when I have a larger image to work with. Hope you are having fun over there!

Kyle0101 said...

yep, still looks like testicals, sour kraut and potatoes of some sort. I will be expecting my 5 bucks when you get back. Also when you get a chance could you pay your portion of the cable bill. $19.40 Hope you are still having fun!!

Danielle said...

omg.... it seems to me that you are having a blast!! i didnt know you were such a good photographer. i love the picture, please def keep them coming! im going to try to send you a picture of what ive been up to around here.((check your email sometime soon)) cant wait to hear from you. having the surgery 2morw. pray for me :( im so scared and dont know why. but yeah have fun for sure. ttys. dani