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I am 25 Going on 26

Posted by JoeyBreak

I had a great time during my short stay (five nights) in Austria. I stayed two nights in Vienna, where the (main cathedral) St. Stephan's gothic architecture makes the church look almost frightening. It has a very intricately tiled roof like no other church and is also very gorgeous on the inside. Let it be no surpise that it has been under construction for I don't know how many years, as it needs constant maintenance.

When I walked in for a look at the inside, I happened upon a daily mass in which a rich sounding organ was audibly gothic but enchanting nonetheless. I tried to record some of it with my camera so if this video works, take a look/listen...

After that I found Mama's Kitchen, a short walk from the cathedral, for some food. Here it is, my first and only Austrian Weiner Schnitzel (one as chicken and one as pork) - with some potatoes and a Coke. It was great to my palatte but all fried food doesn't differ a lot.
Weiner Schnitzel at Mamas Kitchen

Vienna is the city of music and so what better place to go to the opera? Unfortunately, the night I could attend the opera house was the opening night of a ballet. I was happy to attend that as well, especially since the next night's opera from Richard Wagner was like 5 hours long! The great thing about the ballet is that there's an orchestra/band that plays the music piece for the performers. It was just awesome to hear and amazing to watch. I can only describe it as the audiovisual harmony of three different types of people: one dedicated to choreography, one dedicated to (real difficult) dance, and one dedicated to an instrument. I don't know for sure if photos were allowed or if it was ok as long as there was no flash, but here is one during the performance of Anna Karenina.
Anna Karenina in Vienna

The next morning I found my way to a lake that was just outside of the city. I only knew about it because it was on my big city map. On my way there I captured this great image as an exhibit of the local policy on public consumption of alcohol. At the lake, I spotted two old men killing some time.

From Vienna I was off to Salzburg and only because I heard it was beautiful there. Here's a great view a small part of the city, the river flowing through it, and the castle above...

Lucky for me, the hostel in Salzburg made it easy to get in on tours. The first tour I did was a tour of the ice caves. It was pretty amazing to see and the pictures that I took at that altitude were pretty good, too - even captured video of the cable car ride up, and cable car ride down the mountain.

Remember any songs from that old but not so old musical The Sound of Music? The Sound of Music tour was the second tour that I registered for, on my second full day in Salzburg. It was really quite pleasant and the tour guide was a hoot - full of good wit, funny jokes, history, and fast facts. I now know that Salzburg has a population of about 150,000 yet has 45 Catholic churches. No excuse to miss mass on Sunday here, especially if you speak Deutsch. Does anyone remember what scene of the movie this gazebo can be seen in?
Joey next to Sounds of Music gazebo


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