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Never Thought of it that Way

Posted by JoeyBreak

During some surfing about the web, I happened upon an article written by Jason Shanks in the May/June 2000 issue of This Rock magazine. In the very last paragraph of this article titled God Is too Hot to Handle, Jason writes:

During my first confession I felt God’s warm embrace and his heavenly hands wiping away my own tears saying, "I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." My hand rose to my forehead and descended to my heart, reflecting my vertical relationship with God. Crossing my heart from the left to the right I represented my horizontal relationship with man. I realized that finally, on this day, I was reconciled to both. A tear rolled down my cheek and landed at His feet.

His description of the symbolic representation in praying the sign of the cross is spiritually moving and fresh to my mind. After reading this, I was curious as to the origination of the prayer and found a fairly comprehensive document titled most naturally, Sign of the Cross, in the original Catholic Encyclopedia.

I regret not learning of this detail when I was in Prague this June, explaining this simple testament of the trinity to a young Ukranian woman who was confused on the matter. I met her at our hostel in our 4-bed dorm room that evening before I went to bed, shortly after meeting the young man from Amsterdam and the young woman who said she was from Canada (I can only say that she said she was from Canada because I quickly learned with the help of my Czech friend, Martin, that a lot of Americans say they are from Canada to avoid talking about our former president, George W. Bush, our current president, Obama, or politics in general, since these conversations often lead to undesirable social situations).