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And He Continues to be My Favorite Player

Posted by JoeyBreak

Jerry Rice. The greatest wide receiver ever to play in the National Football League and arguably one of the greatest players ever. His talents and abilities went unmatched for a number of years until his knees got the best of him.
Image courtesy of BostonHerald.com
Unfortunately, I drafted Brandon Marshall on my fantasy football team this year, not knowing how much of a baby and nuissance he has been to his team this year. Believe it or not, I also drafted Michael Crabtree, the hold-out rookie (which I recently sent to waivers). As I read Mark Kriegel's post about Jerry Rice's disapprovement of today's wide receivers, I remembered why Jerry Rice is my favorite: humility. Jerry does an excellent job explaining how the "me-me-me" attitude in some of the most talented athletes embarrasses him. Jerry was a team player and that is what effectively made him one of the greatest to ever play. Moral of the story: If you practice with the good of the team in mind, you'll begin to be a part of it.