Have your cake?

Eat it, too.

Furry Friends Pay a Visit

Posted by JoeyBreak

I baked a loaf of banana bread the other day and I pretty much failed. Its not terrible to eat, but the edges are burned and less enjoyable to finish. Instead of throwing them in the trash, I've been throwing them in a "compost" bucket that I have on my patio at my apartment where I normally put banana/orange peels and other unfavorable parts of fruit and vegetables so they can naturally decompose. More than once I've noticed that the bucket was tipped over and now I have video evidence that a squirrel was responsible. With a little Windows Movie Maker manipulation, Jack Johnson's musicianship makes a nice soundtrack to this furry friend's visit.

Notice two things: 1) The squirrel is kind of fat, and 2) is too busy filling its face to criticize my baking. I was worried it might get so full as to not make the jump out of the patio!