Have your cake?

Eat it, too.


Posted by JoeyBreak

Wow AGAIN! Today I was glad to be in the Denver area for the Raiders at the Broncos football game! It was locally broadcasted and I was a guest in a house that had access to it. Luckily I was able to catch the second half as they came back to defeat the Dever Broncos!

Raider Fan

I almost lost all hope when QB Charlie Frye, who was playing a solid game went down with an injury and the Raiders were forced to substitute in the fundamentally awful Jamarcus Russel. There were a few hiccups (a fumble and an underthrown pass to a wide open receiver just to name a few) but when it came down to it, he converted his pass atempts when there was no room for error and the offensive line held the pocket. He just doesn't seem to be the guy who can run the offense until the last few minutes when the game is on the line, so what can coach Cable do?

I've recently expressed my enthusiasm to watch games like this one when the Raiders get the go-ahead score in the final minute of the game (and on the road nonetheless again!) Eh, I just love watching them win, period and today I learned that even if the team doesn't have faith in the QB, he can still lead us to victory.