Have your cake?

Eat it, too.

Wow! If there were ever a day I wish I had cable TV, today is that day. I would have loved to watch the Oakland Raiders defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers this afternoon!

Raider Fan

Any football fan knows the Raiders aren't fond of winning much over the past few seasons so games like today when they score the go-ahead touchdown in the final minute of the game (on the road nonetheless!) are truly a treasure for the Raider Nation. At one point a couple months ago I had considered buying tickets to this game but there weren't any available yet! It's fair to say that I would've been one of the few Raider fans in the stadium and cheering for the Raiders in Pittsburgh would likely have been a death sentence, but it would've been worth every moment!

I think the win makes the Raiders a longshot for a wildcard! Hahaha "Just win baby!"