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"We Wish Him Well"

Posted by JoeyBreak

It is with great joy that I proclaim the Artist Known as Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders is now the Artist Formerly Known as Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders!

The release of Jamarcus Russell is something we can all appreciate, even Jamarcus. This should mark the opportunity for him to become a professional quarterback: to act like one as well as look like one. Perhaps he prefers being a one-hit wonder (see Ryan Leaf).Courtesy of JeffPearlman.com Looking at a picture of him like this, it's hard to tell he was a quarterback and not the franchise tag of Big-Blinging-Check-My-20s-I'm-o-be-in-da-Club Records which pretty much sums up his performance thus far in the NFL. It was pretty merciful of the Raiders to even let him try to get better in three years to begin with, but with a proper attitude adjustment and work ethic, Russell just might be able to prove he can lead a team and a wide receiver. First though, an important thing for him to realize is that no matter where he's going, it's never going to be about him: the fans just want to watch their team win!

Who would take him now?